Alternative Lending Collections

Art Lending Collection

The Art Lending Collection opened in October 2013 as part of the Carnegie International featuring works by the artists in the exhibition. These works were permanently gifted to the library and are cataloged as part of the library’s collection.  The collection also includes groups of works that are chosen and acquired or gifted from collections of several library patrons and local residents with whom Transformazium has established an arts discourse.

Transformazium also invites several artists and curators whose practice includes participatory work and an engagement with publics to expand the collection either independently or through workshops with library patrons.  The collection acts as a frame for Transformazium’s  youth and adult education programs. 

Two patrons from the BCLA service area were hired as Art & Culture Facilitators - courtesy of the Heinz Endowments - to engage patrons in the collection while providing context and extended discourse.

The Art Lending Collection will make artwork available for checkout to any person in Allegheny County with a valid library card.

Checkout an artwork like you would check out a book.

Puppets on the Go! 

Coming soon to Braddock Carnegie Library 

The Project

Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) has partnered with Puppets for Pittsburgh to make giant puppets available for checkout at select public libraries throughout Allegheny County.  ACLA, seeking new ways to engage the public through art, began work with Puppets for Pittsburgh in 2012, cataloging the puppets, and building partnerships with several libraries across the region. 

Puppets are currently housed at Braddock Public Library and Bethel Park Public Library.  The collection includes giant backpack style puppets as well as smaller puppet masks, flat stick puppets, and basket-head puppets.  To find the available puppets, simply search the library catalog using keyword: “Puppets for Pittsburgh”.



The Collection

Originally founded in 2006 at Studio Capezzuti, Puppets for Pittsburgh is a collection of giant puppets.  Created and managed by local artist Cheryl Capezzuti, the Puppets for Pittsburgh collection has continued to grow over the years.  Each puppet in the collection is handmade by Capezzuti in collaboration with other artists as well as the community at large. Most of the puppets in the collection have been created over the years for the First Night Pittsburgh Parade, which Capezzuti also produces.

The puppet collection is maintained largely by an ongoing series of free workshops where individuals of all ages are invited to learn the art of puppet making, and assist in repairing puppets or creating new puppets for the collection.  Since its inception in 2006, hundreds of people have participated in workshops both at Studio Capezzuti and other locations throughout the community.

Puppets in the collection are made using paper mâché, recycled cardboard, and a number of other materials.  The collection has grown to include giant puppets (9’-11’ tall when worn), puppet masks, flat stick puppets, and more.


BCL has hosted multiple workshops for community focused on the Puppets on the Go collection. Lead by puppet maker Cheryl Capezzuti, the workshops taught local residence how to turn recycled materials into art while helping to create a new puppet for the collection.  Participants also were taught how to  repair and maintain other puppets in the collection in a fun, creative, and relaxing atmosphere.  Please contact the library through our “Contact Us” page if you have an interest in participating in future puppet making workshops.  All ages are welcome.